With the help of experienced IT & HR consultants, Aequitas has designed and developed solution which is very user friendly and easy to use. The advance feature like ManagerHR Search is very useful for new user to search any function or report using keyword.


ManagerHR has capacity of producing desired results. It provides all statutory compliance forms and statements as well as also provides various MIS and graphical reports.


ManagerHR reasonably priced because of various models of pricing. We provide solution according to client's requirement instead of sales of entire packages with lot of unnecessary features.

ManagerHR - The Most Effective, Easy, Affordable & Popular HR and Payroll Software

Cloud computing in HR and Payroll doesn’t require maintenance, infrastructure, storage space, expensive software among others.
Your entire Payroll on cloud, easy to access, maintain from anywhere, no worries.
Data Security is our number 1 priority, and we provide quick patches for any issues found.

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You subscribe to the software & do all the process in-house. Only Customization & Functionality issues are taken care by ManagerHR in addition to technical support and one time training. ..

We always develop with users in mind, putting tools and options exactly where you’d expect them.
You wish to keep all payroll data in house under strict confidentiality.
Your payroll processing is as reliable as your resource working on payroll.

Everything under Payroll is taken care of by ManagerHR team.
You can concentrate on your core business and not worry on mundane things.
You can protect yourself from risks of attrition, wrong legal compliance issues.
Boring & repetitive work like Payroll processing can hamper the Business; on outsourcing the same, your staff can work more flexibly without the annoyance of meeting any deadlines relating to Payroll.

It is a convergence of in sourcing and out souring. Certain steps in the payroll run are performed by you and the rest by ManagerHR team

You understand the advantages of outsourcing but want to retain significant control on your own data.
Having removed this huge headache of Payroll Processing, you can easily afford to focus on your core business.
HR/Payroll resources can perform value added activities instead of mundane payroll activities.
You need to know how to perform simple 2-3 steps like entering new joiners data, accessing reports etc...


  • Understanding the Current HR & Payroll Process
  • Requirement documentation
  • FIT-GAP Analysis


  • Design the HR & Payroll Solution
  • Development
  • Testing of the Solution


  • Training to Key users
  • Opening data migration
  • Project GO-LIVE

Our Clients

The biggest pride of Aequitas is our clients. Our driving force is our clients who are true partners.